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Artificial intelligence to customize the cancer vaccine

The head of the Russian "Gamalia" Center for Microbiology revealed that the cancer vaccine created by the center will be prepared according to each disease case, and with the help of artificial intelligence working with "high-level" Russian software: “We have equipped an integrated laboratory, and our experts are currently designing high-quality artificial intelligence software that will help prepare the vaccine formula.” He added: "The program that we are waiting for will analyze information about the tumor and develop a plan to formulate the necessary vaccine according to each disease case."

He pointed out that thanks to artificial intelligence, preparing the vaccine will take a maximum of a week from the beginning of the tumor analysis.

Gintsburg announced yesterday that clinical trials of the aforementioned vaccine are scheduled to begin on patients by mid-2025.

Earlier, Ginsburg indicated that the vaccine was tested on mice with melanoma, and the researchers noticed, 15 days after their vaccination, a significant difference in the size of the tumor between the vaccinated animals and the unvaccinated ones. The result was that the unvaccinated mice died between days 19 and 22, while the vaccinated mice are still alive.

Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko recently announced that preliminary results of pre-clinical studies of the vaccine may be published end of this year.

Source News : Novosti - - Publication date 22-6-2024


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