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Book of the week "The monk who sold his Ferrari" By Robin Sharma

"The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" is a self-help book written by Robin Sharma.

It is a fable that tells the story of Julian Mantle, a successful but unhappy lawyer, who embarks on a spiritual journey after selling all of his possessions, including his beloved Ferrari.

Throughout the book, Julian travels to the Himalayas, where he meets a wise sage who teaches him the secrets of a fulfilling life, including the importance of discipline, meditation, and living in the present moment. He learns to let go of material possessions and focus on his inner self, discovering a deep sense of joy and purpose.

The book is filled with practical lessons and insights, including the seven pillars of enlightenment, which are designed to help readers find success and happiness in their own lives. It provides a roadmap for personal transformation, encouraging readers to cultivate inner peace, overcome their fears, and live with passion and purpose.

"The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" is a transformative read that has inspired millions of people around the world to live more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Robin Sharma is a Canadian author and leadership expert, born on June 16, 1965, he is best known for his book "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari." He has written several other books on personal and professional development, including "The Leader Who Had No Title," "The Greatness Guide," and "The 5 AM Club."

Sharma is a popular speaker and consultant, and he has worked with many of the world's top organizations and companies, including Microsoft, Nike, and IBM. He is also the founder of Sharma Leadership International, a training and coaching company that helps individuals and organizations develop their leadership skills and achieve their full potential.

Throughout his career, Sharma has been recognized for his innovative ideas and his ability to inspire people to reach their full potential. He is widely regarded as one of the world's leading experts on personal and professional development, and his books have been translated into over 60 languages and have sold millions of copies around the world.

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