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Can meat 🍖prolong life? A news study reveal some surprises!

A new research paper has revealed that eating meat can extend your life and make you live up to 100 years, adding evidence about its importance in the diet.

The research team studied the diets of 5,200 people, including 1,500 centenarians, from across China.

The study, published in JAMA Network Open, found that people who ate a more varied weekly diet, including meat, were 23% more likely to live to be 100 years or more.

This adds to other evidence, including a 2022 Australian research paper on meat consumption and life expectancy by country, which found that life expectancy is higher in countries that consume, on average, a lot of meat.

Meat is a great source of muscle-building protein and a host of other essential nutrients, including vitamin B12, which the body uses to help extract energy from food and maintain healthy blood cells. Experts say that meat is a rich source of iron, which helps red blood cells transport oxygen to all parts of the body.

But researchers warn of the dangers of excessive consumption of meat, especially red meat, as previous studies have linked eating portions of red meat every day to an increased risk of colon cancer, while separate studies have also linked eating red meat to an increased risk of heart disease and strokes.

Researchers say it is also important to eat vegetables, carbohydrates, and whole grains, because they contain fiber and essential nutrients for the body, such as magnesium.

Many say that a balanced diet, including meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, is best to ensure a long and healthy life.

Source: Daily Mail -Publication date: 22/06/2024 -


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