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Cats sent from Qatar to the United States for care

Qatari media reported that more than 20 cats rescued from Qatar were sent to an animal shelter in Houston, Texas.

The Doha News website stated in a report translated by Alsumaria News, that more than 20 cats were rescued from the streets of Qatar and evacuated to a cat shelter in Houston, Texas, and that Cathy Philip Tzolio organized this rescue mission after contacting the Houston Humane Society, which is a non-profit organization and animal shelter. Houston-based Pet Rescue made necessary arrangements for the animals before their arrival on June 9.

It is estimated that Qatar contains between two million and three million stray cats, due to its lack of resources for sterilization and neutering services.

In April 2022, a cat cafe in Wisconsin intervened to rescue 25 cats, another example of cat rescue efforts coming from Qatar.

The Milwaukee-based Sip & Purr Cat Café noted at the time that all cats had no future in Qatar, and wrote on its Facebook page: “There are no government shelters or rescue operations in Qatar, and there is very little community support for rescuing animals, and adopting "The animals are extremely rare. Some of these cats have been waiting for years to find a home or travel to the United States."

Last month, Qatar Airways Cargo transported six young lions to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in Johannesburg with the help of Animal Defenders International. Qatar Airways Cargo owns the largest animal transport company in the world, and their WeQare program supported the ADI initiative by covering the cost of air transportation. To Africa.

Source News: - Published on 22-6-2024


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