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"Ely Ang Wehbeh", the youngest Lebanese woman, is a "men's barber". Her father was the first client!

When she was 14 years old, Ellie Ange Wahba, a Lebanese girl, began working as a barber with her father and wondered why this profession is still reserved for men.

Her father's house sent her to a men's grooming salon for training, and she went on to work there, making men's shaving her profession, which she preferred over all others. She quickly became known as an expert in her field. and she was also happy to have found a career that she truly enjoyed.

Despite her father's opposition at first, the young woman insisted on the idea and gained experience for several years, before the 20-year-old now became the youngest men's barber in Lebanon and perhaps in the Arab world, and opened her own salon for men's grooming in her town of Kfarshima, near Beirut, after her father joined her mother in approving and supporting their daughter in her new career choice.

Eli Ang's father provided his daughter with an apartment adjacent to his apartment in the same building for her to use as a salon for her work after he believed in her capacities of running the business and her persistence and success. Her salon was visitied by customers of all ages.

"The past 7 years have been full of challenges, especially since many have tried to limit her resolve and called on her to stop working," she told Aang, in her interview with Sky News Arabia.

She added, "One of the men told me that women's place is in the kitchen, not at work. This opinion created a challenge for me and made me insist more on proving myself and my worth and proving equality between the sexes, and that women's strength is equal to that of men." She was determined to fight for her rights and stand up for herself. She took the opportunity to encourage her colleagues on the importance of equality.

The young woman called on the girls who receive encouragement and criticism to "insist on doing the work they want to do, not to be drawn into any discouraging or discouraging opinions, and not to be indifferent to criticism."

And she continued, "The basis of success at work is loving what one does. This makes me wait every morning to get to my work with optimism and passion, especially since a large number of people go to their jobs frustrated after they have done jobs they don't like."

The Lebanese young woman pointed out that "despite the economic crisis in Lebanon, she financed her own business, which is a men's barber shop."

Regarding the way she was able to achieve this, she said: "For a period of more than a year and a half, I saved every dollar and deprived myself of some new clothes to secure chairs, tools and equipment for the salon without the help of anyone, I will not be satisfied with one salon, but rather aspire to go global and open branches abroad."

On the other hand, Wahba revealed that the first customer in her salon was her father, then the customers spread the advertisement to the salon and they came one by one, pointing out that it provides services including "laser hair removal and tattoo removal."

She is also into repairing her own shaving and hair-cutting equipment, without the help of any other man.

Source News : Sky News Arabia Source: Sky News Arabia - Published 25-June-2023


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