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Exceptional surgery, the first of its kind in Lebanon... Saving a five-year-old girl from blindness!

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Date 11-4-2022

Six months ago, the American University of Beirut Center witnessed an exceptional surgery, the first of its kind in Lebanon, where a specialized medical team performed a successful medical surgery that saved the girl's eye from blindness.

The five-year-old girl suffers from a tumor that affects the cells of the retina, and it is one of the ten cancers that affect children. Its signs are usually limited, and the most common are white in the pupil (called leukocoria), in addition to redness, squinting or pain in the eye. Therefore, it is important for the pediatrician to make sure during the examination that the light coming from the pupil is red and not white.

The American University Center has a special program for eye cancer in children. Eye oncologist Dr. Wajeha Khair explains to "Al-Nahar" that "in cases of eye cancer, chemotherapy is used, in addition to the laser to burn tumors that affect the network. Despite chemotherapy and laser treatments, and sometimes chemical injections into the eye, those treatments might not respond, and our options become limited: We started the radiotherapy option and it was successful, in conjunction with the implantation of a "metallic implant" in the eye.

This golden implant was performed on older people to treat other tumors, but not for this type of tumor, nor for this age in Lebanon. Dr. Khair noted that "this medical procedure requires high accuracy, efficiency, and long work to determine the location of the tumor and the amount of radiation that must be supplied with it, in addition to other details. in addition to obtain the approval of the ministry, to import these rays from the United States to use them in surgery."

Despite the waiting period and the preparations, we succeeded in saving the girl’s eye from tumors and blindness, and this is the basis.”

Source News : from An-Nahar


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