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Extracting an earphone from the ear of a young man who cheats on a car driving test

A young man applying for a driver's license in Italy was hospitalized and had a hearing aid removed from his ear canal that he used to cheat on a traffic law test.

During the test, which was conducted in the province of Como, near Milan (north), the candidate's performance raised suspicion among the person responsible for the theoretical examination, who discovered that the 25-year-old was equipped with a small earpiece and a small camera connected to his cell phone hidden in his jacket.

The device allowed him to communicate with a partner who could see the form containing the questions to give him the correct answers.

After receiving a notification from the examiner upon her arrival, the Italian police revealed the trick that the candidate used to pass the test fraudulently and then took him to the hospital.

The police said in a statement, “The doctor’s intervention was necessary to extract the small stethoscope dangerously hidden in the ear canal to avoid damaging his hearing.”

Upon his discharge from the hospital, a legal complaint was filed against the young man, and the police confiscated his equipment.

Source: AFP - Publication date: 09.02.2024


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