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Five things that should never be shared on social media!

An expert has warned that the way most people use social media puts them at risk of fraud and home burglary.

Laura Kankala, head of threat intelligence at online security software provider F-Secure, told Daily Mail there are six things you should never post on social media.

These include pictures of her house keys, back-to-school pictures of the kids or anything that can identify places she visits regularly - like a morning jog.

Take pictures near home or share the location

Kankala warned that it is very easy to inadvertently reveal your home address on social media.

She said: "I avoid taking and posting pictures in and around my home that could reveal where I live, and major landmarks, well-known shops and buildings can allow someone with bad intentions to build an accurate picture of where you live."

You should avoid sharing a running, hiking or bike map especially if you start from your home, as this can easily reveal your address.

Pictures of house keys or airline tickets

Posting a picture of your house keys after you buy the house may seem innocent enough, but it carries risks, as does posting airline tickets (which can reveal details like a passport number).

"A common trend for new homeowners is to take a picture of their set of keys. Depending on the type of lock, it is technically possible to 3D print keys based on a photograph. Posting airline tickets online can expose your personal information," Kankala said.

Pictures of children back to school

It's become common to post pictures of children on the back-to-school doorstep - but this can reveal personal details about your child and where your home is.

"With schools back on, it is common for parents to post pictures of their children in distinctive uniforms outside their door with a clearly visible house number. I would consider posting this online, at the very least the badge and house number should be obliterated," Kankala said.

Pictures in the workplace

Kankala warns that it is very easy to reveal private details about your workplace that could be exploited by cybercriminals.

Maybe you want to show the world that you work really hard or maybe you found a cool coffee shop and take a picture of your laptop/device in place with a cup of coffee. But it's also an easy way to inadvertently reveal sensitive information on your screen.

Smartphone cameras produce such high quality images nowadays that anyone can easily zoom in and read the content of emails or a work dashboard. The same thing happens when you log into your personal emails. And if you really want to share such a picture, then lock your device screen first.

Pictures of other people without their consent

“Many of us are used to sharing pictures of friends online, but how often do you ask permission before doing so? Assuming that everyone's circumstances are the same could get someone else in trouble. Someone might be in a bad relationship, for example, A photo shared online might put him at risk."

Source: Daily Mail - Published Date: 14.08.2023 |


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