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For an unimaginable reason, a plane lands without its passengers' luggage!

A Swiss plane heading from Zurich to Bilbao in Spain arrived on Saturday without passengers' luggage, in an incident that surprised them, according to what media reported on Sunday, while Swiss Airlines attributed what happened to a lack of staff at the airport.

Swiss Airlines spokesman Kavin Ambalam confirmed that the plane, which operates for the airline "Edelweiss", took off with 111 passengers and without any luggage on board.

“We are still studying the situation", he also told AFP: “There was a shortage of staff at the airport,” adding that the crew was initially waiting for the situation to be resolved.

He also added that after more than an hour, “the situation remained the same, and for operational reasons we decided to take off for Bilbao without luggage,” explaining that the plane took off without luggage because other passengers were waiting in Bilbao to be taken to Zurich before the airport closed at night, stressing: “ We apologize for the inconvenience we caused to passengers."


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