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For committing a "strange" offense... Imprisonment for a woman who called the police dozens of times

A British court has sentenced a woman to prison and a fine for a "strange" offense; Sarah Coates contacted West Yorkshire Police nearly 40 times in the space of just two hours, on Sunday 23 April.

Coates admitted that she repeatedly called the emergency services for no reason.

The court ordered Coates to be imprisoned for 12 weeks and pay a fine, in addition to working in the field of social care.

"Callers like Coates who misuse these services can delay us responding to real emergencies," said Police Department official Mick Rutter.

According to Rutter, the police received 36 calls from Coates over a period of no more than two hours.

In the wake of the Coates incident, West Yorkshire Police has re-launched a campaign asking the public to use emergency numbers appropriately and only when necessary, and to make use of other contact options for non-urgent online situations.


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