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For the first time in Egypt, doctors save the life of a patient with a rare surgery 💉

A medical team at Mansoura University in Egypt performed a rare surgery in which they were able to modify the stents of the heart of a 75-year-old patient, in a surgery performed for the first time in Egypt.

The patient suffers from an aortic aneurysm along the renal arteries, and the surgery was performed by modifying the covered stents inside the heart and making 4 openings for the feeding arteries and strengthening them later.

According to the press release of the Center for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery at Mansoura University, these stents with openings for the visceral arteries were manufactured at the Cook Company’s factory in Copenhagen, at a high cost, because they are designed according to the special anatomy of each patient individually.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Ashra, one of the participants in the surgery, confirmed that these stents were modified with high accuracy to match the factory design in Europe, and the stents are a product of the team’s global expertise to adapt the technology to the lowest cost capabilities, as the manufactured stents cost 10 times the modified stents by the surgeons of the aortic surgery team at Mansoura University. These supports, which have been modified, are provided by the waiting list system and treatment at the expense of the state affiliated with the Egyptian presidency.

Publication date: 22-April-2222 -Source news: "Al-Watan", Egypt

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