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From flies...a young Tunisian rural woman succeeds in extracting the finest types of fertilizer

The young Tunisian woman, Fawzia Al-Mahdhawi, who was raised in the countryside, was able to produce natural fertilizer from “black soldier” flies, in addition to it being a natural fighter against pests and germs because it contains powerful antibiotics.

The “Black Soldier Flies” farm to produce natural fertilizer became the idea of the young woman Al-Mahdaoui, 35 years old and a mother of two children, to treat all types of soil, after graduating from the Higher Institute of Multimedia in Gabes in 2013 with a high technical specialization in industrial informatics and communication technology.

The product of its project is considered the first of its kind in the national market as a natural fertilizer enriched with “pure chitin,” resulting from the skin of caterpillars shed during their growth, which possesses anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that threaten plants.

The birth of an idea

The idea of Al-Mahzawi’s project goes back to her attachment to the world of insects, given the rural environment in which she grew up. What sparked her curiosity to enter the world of insects, in which she discovered a lot, according to what she told the “WAT” journalist.

She says that the world of insects is a big world that deserves research and adventure.

Her experience was with the black soldier fly as an environmentally friendly insect that is classified as the second beneficial insect for humans after bees because it treats organic waste and turns it into fertilizer that is considered the best in the world and the most expensive among fertilizers.

Through her project, the young woman was able to eliminate the problem of her insomnia, which is organic waste from the remains of the weekly market in her city, which has become a raw material for her product.

The girl allocated workers to take charge of the end of each market, two days a week, to collect the leftover vegetables and damaged crops for processing.

It was not easy for this young woman to promote her product in the market, so she chose to sacrifice her time, money, and all the effort she had to distribute samples to small farmers and plant owners for testing until they were convinced of the experience and the efficacy of the product. She also participated in exhibitions, salons and forums.

It started with the least possible means until it established the farm and acquired the necessary equipment to provide it with solar energy to reduce the cost of production.

Finally, Fawzia Al-Mahzawi succeeded in convincing others of her product and supplying the national market with her intention to enter the field of export.

Source: Watt newspaper - Publication date: 12/02/2024 -


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