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He nearly lost his life, trying to remove a hair on his thigh!

A Texas man miraculously survived a complex medical ordeal, beating the 4% chance doctors gave him to survive.

Doctors declared brain death for Stephen Spinall, a father in his late thirties, and gave him a 4% chance of survival after he entered a medically induced coma due to exposure to a fatal infection after trying to remove hair from the groin area, according to the Daily Mail.

His sister Michelle said on TikTok: “We never lost hope when others did.”

She has documented her brother's experience of death since his arrival at the hospital in late 2022.

“All the doctors could figure out was that he was bleeding internally from somewhere,” Michelle wrote on the GoFundMe page that has raised more than $8,000 for his care. “Little did we know that would be the least bit concerning.” Noting that he suffered a series of complications that led to him being placed in a medically induced coma to try to allow his body to heal.

She explained: "He picked up a rare bacteria that was destroying his body and causing all his organs to shut down. He is suffering from severe sepsis, and is in a state of shock."

While in the hospital, Spinall also contracted influenza A and double pneumonia in both lungs, along with acute respiratory distress syndrome.

He was placed in a medically induced coma for three weeks, according to his sister.

Michelle commented on a recent video claiming that doctors said: "Steven won't get out alive" and she was told he had "no brain activity".

In other clips, she revealed that Steven's chance of survival was about 4%.

He had to undergo open-heart surgery after doctors found the septic bacterial infection had reached his heart, and spent two weeks in a rotating bed to aid breathing, with fluid constantly drained from his lungs.

However, miraculously, he survived and regained his ability to walk at the end of 2023, emerging from the coma without brain damage.

Source: New York Post - Publication date: 22/03/2024 -


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