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Here's my funeral! A man fakes his death to see who cares for him

"I wanted to teach them a lesson... It is not necessary to wait until someone dies to ask about them." Welcome to my funeral"! A man fakes his death to find out who in his family will care about him!!!

A Belgian TikTok user faked his death and attended his funeral by helicopter, to teach his relatives a lesson about the importance of kinship. David Burton (45 years old), known as Ragnar le Fo, confided on social networks to his wife and children about his plan and they helped him with it, to end with a fake funeral early last week, according to what was reported by the British newspaper The Times, Tuesday, June 13, 2023.

One of his daughters helped post messages of mourning for her father's "death" on the app before the funeral, which took place near Liège. She wrote: "Rest in peace Dad, I will never stop thinking of you, why is life not fair, why are you? You would have been a grandfather, and a whole life still ahead of you. I love you! We all love you! We will never forget you."

When relatives and friends gathered at the funeral for David, who has nearly 162,000 followers on TikTok, he appeared in a helicopter with a camera crew. "Greetings to you all, welcome to my funeral," he said in a video clip, before his sobbing relatives embraced him, while other mourners expressed their displeasure that the whole issue was a "joke."

However, this "pathetic" hoax was not well received on TikTok or other social media sites, so Burton had to explain his position. "What I see in my family hurts me," he said. "They don't invite me to anything, nobody checks on me, we all got separated, I felt unappreciated. That's why I wanted to teach them a life lesson, telling them that we don't have to wait until someone dies to ask about them."

David has not yet posted the full funeral video, and said that although "only half of my family attended," his other relatives are keen to contact him now. He said, "This is evidence of who really cares about me. Those who did not come called me to meet, and so I achieved what I aspired to, one way or another."

Source - The Times, Tuesday, June 13, 2023.

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