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how to detect and preserve natural honey ?

Everyone knows that honey improves the condition when catching a cold and helps to get rid of coughing. In addition, it is more beneficial than sugar. But is this true?

It turns out that there are different kinds of honey, and there is wild honey too.

Dr. Ekaterina Baranova points out that in order for honey to maintain its beneficial properties:

- It can only be heated to 40 degrees Celsius. As for the honey on store shelves, it has practically lost its beneficial properties and has become only a sweet substance.

-It can be eaten with rye bread, and in this case it has a positive effect on the digestive system, especially in case of constipation.

- It is very important not to heat it as it happens when producing pastries that are made at a temperature of up to 200 degrees Celsius. Because in this case it produces compounds that may be toxic.

-Honey is a product of animal origin. The bees that produce it can suffer from a number of diseases. Therefore, beekeeping requires careful treatment of hives from bacteria. As with other animals, antibiotics are used for this purpose.

- It is preferable to eat honey with it's full wax, because it really helps to treat gum diseases. Wax contains a substance that positively affects the immune system.

- Honey should be stored in dark glass containers and in a dark place at a temperature of 5-10 degrees Celsius.

The easiest way to determine the quality of honey is to taste it. In the back of the tongue there are receptors, thanks to which a slight burning sensation and a kind of viscosity can be felt, and not just the sweet taste as a criterion.

Source: Vesti. run - Published on 14- August - 2023

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