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In a terrifying experience, a Chinese tourist accidentally uncovers a dead body under his hotel bed!

A guest in a Tibetan hotel lived a terrifying experience after he discovered a foul smell in his room, which he later discovered was emanating from a corpse under his bed.

According to the New York Post, a Chinese man, identified as Zhang, decided to stay at the Guzang Shuhua Hotel, which witnessed the strange incident, last month; Zhang, after completing the booking procedures, took a nap in his room, but he then realized a foul smell, which he initially thought was coming from his feet.

After he washed his feet and left the room to tour a site near the hotel, Zhang returned to his room again, and was surprised by the strong stench in the place.

After Zhang's insistence and persistent request of the hotel staff to change his room, he was moved to another room.

Only a few hours have passed since Zhang was in his new room, when he was surprised by policemen who told him that they had found a dead body under his bed, which he had left.

The investigators later informed Zhang that they had arrested a person in connection with the body found in his room. The accused had killed and taken the body to the hotel for later disposal, but in the end he decided to just escape.

Zhang shared his frightening story on Chinese social network Weibo, saying, "I still feel scared. I can't sleep easily."

Source: Sky News Arabia Source - Published on May,8,2023


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