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In Turkey, 49 days following the earthquake, the cat "Han" was rescued from the rubble!

Specialized rescue teams managed to recover the cat "Han" from under the rubble of a building destroyed by the earthquake, 49 days after it occurred in southern Turkey.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Nida Dina, 36, the owner of the cat, said that her house, located in an 11-storey building in Kahramanmaraş, collapsed due to the earthquake.

Dina explained that the building located in the "On Iki February" neighborhood completely collapsed as a result of the earthquake that occurred on February 6, and that the cat remained under its rubble. She indicated that she did not leave the area and that she stayed inside her car next to the ruins of her house to search for her cat, expressing her happiness that Han was recovered alive on the 49th day.

"I never gave up hope until the last moment, and finding her (the cat) is an incredible miracle," said Dina.

Dina stated about the Cat's health : "We took her to the vet, and her foot was in bad condition, and she is currently continuing the treatment until full recovery"


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