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In two separate cases, two women in Europe were saved from being drawn 🏊🏼‍♀️

In the first case, An Algerian rescues a French woman who threw herself into the Garonne River in Bordeaux ; The 33-year-old Algerian youth, Fatih, rescued a French woman who threw herself into the Garonne River in Bordeaux, southwestern France.

The incident took place on Tuesday, July 11, 2023 at 6:45 pm near the stone bridge, where the Algerian youth did not hesitate to jump to save the woman.

French media reported that Fatih jumped into the river to save the woman, despite the strong current that swept her away. A video clip of the Algerian youth was documented as he heroically performed the rescue operation.

Local media outlets indicated that the firefighters took care of the woman as soon as she got out of the water, saying that those present applauded warmly for the rescued young man.

In a statement he gave to the French press, Fatih said that he jumped into the river to save the woman without thinking, explaining that he is good at swimming because he lives near the sea in Algeria.

The second case happened this week in Belgium where an Algerian young man managed to save an old woman after she fell into a river in the Belgian city of Liege. Nader Bechkat, who resides illegally, became a hero to public opinion in Belgium, after he saved an elderly woman from drowning in the waters of the Meuse River.

The French-speaking "l'algerie aujourdhui" website stated that the incident took place last Friday near the town of Brisox in Liège province, when 26-year-old Nadir Bishkat was walking along one of the banks of the Meuse River, before he saw the old woman struggling with death.

The Algerian website stated that Nader did not hesitate for a moment to take off his clothes and jump into the cold waters of the river, swam towards the lady, grabbed her and kept her afloat until the rescue teams arrived.

Despite the extreme cold, Nader managed to keep the woman afloat on the water for more than fifteen minutes, until the aid teams arrived at the site, where he was congratulated for his courage, as commented by the Belgian media.

The heroic act was praised by passers-by who flocked to observe the situation.

Many Belgian newspapers praised the Algerian youth's courage and humanity, while many social media pioneers thanked him for risking his life to save a stranger. In addition, Some also demanded that his legal status be settled and that he be granted residency in Belgium.

Nader had arrived in Europe about two years ago, after boarding a death boat in the Mediterranean towards the Old Continent, where the young Algerian stated that this harsh journey cost him about 2,500 euros.

He explained that after his arrival in Spain, he left for France, where he spent a period of time before heading to Belgium last March.


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