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Indian plane departs for its destination, forgetting the passengers at the airport ✈

A plane departed from Bangalore Airport, India, heading to the capital, New Delhi, without waiting for 55 passengers who were on a bus at the runway.

About 55 passengers were stranded on the bus early Monday morning, as their G8-116 aircraft departed due to miscommunication between the ground crew and the cabin crew, New Delhi TV news reported.

The passengers had their boarding cards, as well as their baggage transfer cards, which were carried on the original flight, but they never leave.

India's aviation regulator has asked a local airline to provide it with a report on how passengers were forgotten, dpa reported.

On the other hand, a spokesman for the company said that an investigation is underway regarding the incident; He stated that there were 53 passengers who were transferred to a different airline 4 hours later to New Delhi, while two of the passengers chose to refund the value of the flight.

Source news: The Times of India - Publish date: 13.01.2023


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