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Innovative New Drug for Cancer Treatment: A Beacon of Hope?

A new drug is being tested in the Russian capital, Moscow, and will continue until August of next year. It can even be used to treat advanced cancers.

Dr. Valentina Shekina, a specialist in medical and surgical oncology, says: “We have already started several clinical trials where patients with breast cancer, stomach cancer and melanoma are receiving treatment, and we plan to continue working actively.”

All local medicines are subject to special clinical trials, according to strict international standards. Volunteers assist the doctors, and are briefed on the details of everything involved in the upcoming tests - what contraindications or side effects they may have. Only after that the patient decides for himself whether he is ready or not.

The drug currently undergoing testing is intended for patients with inoperable head and neck cancer that has spread or relapsed. This drug is actually an antibody that can prevent the growth of diseased cells. In this way, the tumor itself can be controlled.

“Our department studies not only medicines, but also medical devices,” says Dr. Svetlana Yerofeyeva, Head of the Department of Experimental and Clinical Testing at Moscow District Hospital. “Our department is accredited to conduct clinical trials on products not only in Russia, but also in the Eurasian Economic Community.” .

Source News: Vesti. Ru - Publication date: 11.12.2023


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