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😮It took her 959 attempts to pass her driving test 🚘

A South Korean woman spent £11,000, about $13.5,000, to obtain a driver's license over several years; After failing more than 900 attempts she finally succeeded.

Mrs. Cha Sa-soon obtained her driver's license after 959 failed attempts. Soon, she tried for the first time in April 2005, in the first theoretical test, but she did not pass. despite her failure hundreds of times, Sa-soon did not despair and continued to retake the test until she succeeded.

Reports indicated that she underwent the exam daily throughout the working week over the course of three years, then the step was reduced to only twice a week, until she passed the theoretical exam the 860th time.

Once she passed this test, she moved to the practical test, which also posed a challenge for her, as she took the test dozens of times, bringing the total number of driving tests to 959 between the written and practical test.

The cost of the failed exams was £11,000, and despite these expenses, she did not give up as she wanted to get her driver's license in order to complete her vegetable selling business.

Cha Sa-soon's driving instructor said it was too much of a burden for her. "When she finally got her license, we all cheered and hugged her and gave her flowers," she added.

And she continued, "We didn't have the courage to ask her to stop taking the tests, because she was so determined."

Cha Sa-soon's story made international headlines, due to her insistence on obtaining a driver's license despite failing several times, until she became a celebrity in her country.

"Happynass" Comment: A story of perseverance and determination, Congratulation Cha Sa.

Source: Daily Mail - Publish date 01.04.2023


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