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Learn how to reduce the negative effects of lack of sleep

Scientists from China's Guangzhou Medical University have discovered that exercise reduces the risk of early death due to lack of sleep.

The European Journal of Preventive Cardiology indicates that researchers studied data involving 92,000 people aged 40-73 who were asked to wear a speedometer bracelet. During seven years of follow-up, 3080 of them died, including 1074 due to cardiovascular disease and 1871 due to cancer.

The researchers classified the sleep duration of the participants in the study into three categories:

short (less than 6 hours)

normal (6-8 hours)

and long (more than eight hours)

They also divided the level of physical activity into low, medium and high, taking into account the intensity of exercise from moderate to intense.

After adjusting the data for age, gender, race, education level, body mass index, diet, smoking, alcohol use and work schedule, exercise neutralized the negative effects of too little or too much sleep.

People who had low physical activity and short and long sleep had a 16 and 37 percent risk of death from all causes, respectively. As for people who were moderately physically active, if they did not get enough sleep, their risk of dying early increased by 41 percent. The researchers did not find any relationship between the risk of early death and physical activity in those who engage in intense exercise.

The risk of cardiovascular disease and death from it in people who suffer from a lack of sleep rose to 69 percent. However, this percentage decreased if they practiced intense or moderate physical activity. The probability of dying from cancer rose to 21 percent in people who slept for a long time and engaged in low physical activity. But this condition goes away in the case of moderate or intense physical activity.

Bottom line: Keeping our bodies moving, acting, and maintaining our physical body fitness will keep us healthy and long lived.

Source: Linta. ru - Publish date: 01.04.2023 - Science and Technology


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