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Luckily Alive! Footage captures the moment a surfer collides with a whale in Sydney!

A camera captured a 55-year-old man, who was practicing windsurfing on the beach of Sydney, Australia, the moment he collided with a humpback whale that emerged from the water and landed on top of him, dragging him into the depths.

The footage shows Jason Brain saying: "Damn, I just got hit by a whale." He later said: "I thought I was done, to be honest. I thought for a few seconds: This is what death means."

As he struggled with the whale beneath him, he felt the whale's soft skin, and then the rope tied to his leg broke, making his way back to the surface and to his board. When he reached the beach, he saw some of his colleagues and told them what had happened.

“They thought I was telling a made-up story, and then I realized my GoPro had captured the whole thing,” Breen said. A passerby also happened to be filming Brin swinging across the beach with the whale visible above him.

Brain said he was lucky because it was a baby whale. If he had been an adult, he doesn't think he would have survived to tell the tale.

to watch the video click on the Picture link above

Source: The Guardian - Publication date: 10/27/2023 -


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