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📺 News: 8 Survivors after helicopter carrying tourists crashes into lake in Russia

Aug 12 - an helicopter carrying 16 people, most of them tourists, crashed in a lake on the Kamchatka peninsula in Russia's Far East on Thursday.

Staff at a nature reserve rushed into the scene within few minutes and were able to rescue 8 survivors who had swum up from a depth of eight or nine metres (24-27 feet) and were able to escape the sinking helicopter through luggage doors that opened at the rear,

some survivors were badly hurt as the water temperature was low no more than 5-6 degrees Celsius (41-43 Fahrenheit) so they would not have survived long if the rescuers wouldn't come on time.

it is true that some passengers have lost their lives, but half of them survived, it is like the half bottle of water: some would see it half empty and some half full, here in that story we are focusing on the half full of the cup!.

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