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📺 News: Denver Police Are handing out gift cards instead of fines to fix broken headlights

Jul 31, 2021- Even though the initiative is from an "Advance Auto Part" Store, who is sponsoring this campaign with 100 gift cards worth 25 $ each, the gesture is appreciated and welcomed by the community and it is putting smiles on the faces of motorists who might not have the money to fix a broken part on their vehicle.

Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen says officers have already issued the cards, and are enjoying the smiles it puts on drivers’ faces.

“Advance Auto Parts’ donation not only helps us get greater compliance with the motoring public, but it also helps us build and strengthen relationships with our community.”

A good combination with a win-win situation for each party: the police to spread the cooperative and understanding message, the Store to attract more customers in a kind way, and motorists who, by this gesture would be more cooperative and welcoming for police safety requirements.


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