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📺 News: Gratitude: full day of sales to employees!

12-July-2021 An Ohio pizzeria owner wanted to show his appreciation for his employees, and thanks to the community, he was able to overdeliver.

Instead of simply telling his employees he valued them, Elchert showed them by taking the entire day of sales and giving it back to the employees who worked that day: 220 orders for a total of $6,300 in sales and $1,200 in tips, according to a Facebook post shared on July 6. Divided amongst the staff and the 96 total hours they worked, each employee made $78 per hour, Elchert revealed.

Elchert first revealed his plans to hold an Employee Appreciation Day in a Facebook video posted on June 22 after being impressed by his employees' work ethic during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Our employees have been so great during COVID, during the pandemic, during this season of uncertainty," he explained. "They've just been fantastic. They show up every day, they're here in a good mood... we want to take a day and appreciate them."

Gratitude, always make people happy: practice gratitude 🙏


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