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Italian Village "reappear" After 70 Years being under the water !

CURON a former alpine village South Tyrol, is in the headlines news today: the Italian village "emerged" after "Resia" lake have temporarily drained. Villagers have been able to see the final traces of their village which was flooded to create a hydroelectric plant in 1950.

Curon, a former alpine village in Italy’s northeastern South Tyrol, was flooded by authorities to turn out to be a reservoir in 1950.

around 163 houses have been misplaced to the lake mattress and only the church tower remained seen on the water’s floor since the 14th-Century c– putting landmark which has turn out to be a touristic attraction.

Photo below show the location of the village in North of Italy

image Credit : httpstravelguides.buzztopstorieslost-village-emerges-from-italian-lake-71-years-after-it-was-submerged

Photo shwoing the Lake after being drained and ruins of ancient village along with the church tower which was always visible and a touristic attraction.

image Credit : G NewsEPA-EFEShutterstock


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