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📺 News: Man survived 49 hours in sea water after cargo ship sank

News occurred on July 22-2021,

after it sank off the coast of Liberia last Saturday 17 of July,

A Cargo vessel left the capital Monrovia on 17 July for a port in the West African country's south, sent out a distress signal that afternoon, notifying the coastguard that it had taken on water. Sea Shepherd, and the Liberian coastguard came to the aid of crew members of the Niko Ivanka cargo ship in response to the distress message: By the time authorities arrived, the cargo ship had already partially sunk.

11 from 18 people on board had been rescued during a 36-hour search, but survivors indicate to the authority that 28 people were on board, leaving 17 missing.

On Monday, while research were ongoing, rescuers had a man, who was floating in his lifebuoy, after 49 hours of ship sinking. miraculously the man has survived and seems in average health condition. he has resisted the water, and waves, without anything to eat or drink for more than 48 hours.

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