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Octopus amazing friendship with humans

Octopuses are fascinating creatures, but they have a complex and unique behavior. While they are generally not aggressive towards humans, their level of friendliness or social behavior towards humans can vary. Octopuses are intelligent and curious animals, and they can show interest in interacting with humans under certain circumstances.

Some octopuses have been observed to interact positively with humans, displaying curiosity and even a level of friendliness. There have been reports of octopuses approaching divers or aquarium staff and engaging in playful behaviors. These interactions can create a sense of connection and make it seem as if the octopus is friendly.

watch this amazing friendship bond between a woman diver and octopus: The tiny octopus swims up to this woman to gives her little handshakes — then waits for her every day to bring him gifts in addition to more friendly gestures

Source Video Youtube channel The Dodo

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