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Police in Algeria found a man who disappeared 26 years ago after being detained in the neighborhood !

Police forces in southern Algeria found a person who disappeared 26 years ago, after he had been “detained” throughout this period in the stable of a person living near his family’s home, without being able to escape, according to a statement by the Public Prosecution on Tuesday.

The investigation began after a Facebook post by a person who said that Imran Omar, born in 1979 and missing since May 1998, was being held by a person just 200 meters from his family home in the village of El Guedid in Djelfa, 300 kilometers south of Algiers.

Subsequently, members of the National police forces went to the suspect’s house and found the missing 45-year-old person, according to the Djelfa Court Prosecution.

Raqab Khaled, who identified himself as the kidnapped cousin, said in a post on his Facebook account: “Praise be to God, my cousin Bin Imran Omar was found in good health after a disappearance that lasted 26 years. We are awaiting the details of the case and investigations.”

Local media reported, citing Omar's relatives, that he disappeared after he left his village heading to the city center of Djelfa. They searched for him and published his pictures on television, but to no avail.

The prosecution said that it arrested the 61-year-old defendant and began investigating him in preparation for his trial, explaining that the defendant, who works as a guard in the municipality, was living his normal life.

Source News: Published on 17-5-2024


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