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Salto de Castro, a Village in Northwest Spain, is for sale for 260,000 euros!?

The village of Salto de Castro, northwest of Spain, is up for sale entirely for 260,000 euros.

The village is located on the border with Portugal, in the province of Zamora, a three-hour drive from Madrid. Salto de Castro has many of the buildings you would expect to find in a small Spanish village.

It contains 44 homes, a hotel, a school, a church, a municipal swimming pool, and a barracks that housed the Civil Guard. But it is missing one thing, the population. It was abandoned by its residents three decades ago.

Its owner bought it at the beginning of the second millennium, with the aim of turning it into a tourist site, but the eurozone crisis made his project stall.

"His dream was to build a hotel here, but the project froze, and yet he still wishes to realize his dream," says Ronnie Rodrives of Royal Invest, which represents the owner.

"I decided to sell because I live in the city, and I can't live in the village," the owner, who is in his 80s, says on the Idelista real estate website.

The show has attracted 50,000 visitors since the village was put up for sale at this price last week.

Rodriguez said that 300 people from Russia, France, Belgium and Britain have expressed interest in buying the village, and one of them has already paid a premium to book the deal.

Salto de Castro was built by the Iberduero power company, to house the families of the workers, who completed the adjacent water tank, in the early 1950s.

However, the residents abandoned the place after the completion of the work, and the village remained empty since the eighties.

The surrounding area is called "empty Spain", and it is a sparsely populated rural area where many of the services available in cities and villages are lacking.

Salto de Castro was offered for sale at a price of 6.5 million euros, but no one offered to buy it, and the buildings were vandalized, so its price fell. You can only buy a one-room apartment in high-end cities such as Barcelona or Madrid at this price.

But whoever buys Salto de Castro must have large financial resources to turn the village into an attractive tourist site.


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