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Separated workers take a "divorce holiday" to protect their mental and psychological well-being.

In support of a scheme that gives parents time off work when separated, Tesco, Asda, Britain's National Bank of Westminster, and the country's top family magistrate have all expressed support.

An event like a separation would be viewed similarly to a family death or terminal illness in human resources policies, in which companies would adjust these policies. , under the program put forward by the Positive Parenting Alliance, according to the British newspaper The Times.

Other institutions participating in the program include Metro Bank, PwC, Unilever, Vodafone and 4 law firms, They will all provide vacation or flexible working hours for employees so that they can meet obligations such as picking up children from school. It will also facilitate employees' access to various support services, including counseling.

An event in parliament was held to unveil the program, coinciding with research findings suggesting that family breakdown can negatively impact work performance. According to the coalition's survey of 200 employees, 90% said their divorce negatively affected their work, while 95% said their mental health was negatively affected.

About 75% admitted that they had become less efficient at work, while almost 40% indicated that they took time off from work as a result of their separation. 52% stated that they feared losing their jobs, or considered quitting, while 12 percent stopped working altogether.


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