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Smart sports shoe capable of making phone calls or playing music from Samsung!!

The South Korean company Samsung announced a smart sports shoe capable of making phone calls or playing music using the movement of the feet.

The company described its new product as “the shoe of the future,” and it is the result of cooperation between Samsung, Elitac Wearables, and sports shoe designer Roll Van Hove. It will be released in limited editions under the name “Shortcut Sneakers”.

The shoe allows its owner to execute commands on Samsung Galaxy phones via a simple movement of his foot while wearing it.

The company installed motion sensors in the sole of the shoe, allowing it to track the wearer's movement and the position of his feet with extreme accuracy.

Shortcut Shoes support six different movements, which can be linked to six different smartphone actions, such as making calls or playing music. For example, by pressing the shoe twice, Hof was able to call his mother.

The insole of the shoe bears the phrase “Join the Flip side,” which suggests that its launch is a preliminary part of a promotional campaign for the Samsung “Galaxy Z Flip 6” and “Galaxy Z Fold 6” phones expected to be launched in the coming period.

Samsung does not aim to enter the smart shoe market, as the new shoe is available in only 6 pairs, specially made as a prize for the winners of a competition the company is conducting in the Netherlands. The winners will be announced next July 15.


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