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"Solve for Happy" by Mo-Gawdat

Mo Gawdat is an author, entrepreneur, and former Chief Business Officer at Google [X]. He is best known for his book "Solve for Happy: Engineering Your Path to Joy," published in 2017.

In this book, Mo Gawdat combines his background in engineering with his personal experiences to explore the concept of happiness and provides a formula for achieving it.

The central idea in "Solve for Happy" is that happiness can be approached as a problem to be solved, just like an engineering challenge.

Gawdat introduces the "Happiness Equation," which is:

Happiness = (Your Perception of the Events of Your Life) - (Your Expectations of How Life Should Behave)

He argues that by managing your perception of events and adjusting your expectations, you can increase your overall happiness and well-being. The book also draws from Gawdat's personal tragedy, losing his son, and how he applied his engineering mindset to cope with grief and find happiness again.


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