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The discovery of a creature that can "age" in reverse and live forever 🙏🏼

Italian biologists working at the Zoological Station in Naples have discovered that the most mysterious creature can live forever.

The Biologist magazine indicated that this mysterious creature is the jellyfish Turritopsis dohrnii, whose representatives, according to researchers, live about 66 million years when they were floating in the oceans before the dinosaurs became extinct.

Researchers have discovered that this type of jellyfish can actually age backwards (aging in the opposite direction). When infected or "aged", this jellyfish actually returns to the stage of polyps, for which it swallows its tentacles and turns into a group of undifferentiated cells at the bottom of the sea, after which it returns to grow from scratch.

Biologists have been able to recreate this cycle in the lab, and it turns out that jellyfish return to "childhood" up to ten times a year. Researchers have identified more than 1,000 genes associated with aging and DNA recovery.

Scientists continue to study these unique creatures, as they may shed light on the mechanisms of eternal life.

Source: RT Today - Published -


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