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Things which damage your smart phone, to avoid 📱

Many phones and smart devices get damaged or degrade without realizing that some simple things can be avoided to avoid these problems.

Referring to the subject, the technical expert and director of the IT department at the company Reksoft, Yevgeny Chertok, said: “There are many habits and practices that we do daily that lead to phone damage. Smart phones, for example, like other electronic devices are sensitive to water and steam, and exposure to these things can be It can lead to damage, so it is not preferable to drink drinks near these devices for fear of accidentally spilling on them.”

He added, "Many smartphone owners carry their phones in the pockets of their narrow pants, and during movement, the phone's body and screen are subject to pressure or rubbing and twisting, which may cause damage to the device."

Chertok pointed out that non-original chargers or car chargers may also cause damage to the phone, since they sometimes transmit irregular waves of energy to phones, which may cause damage to the battery and some parts of the device.

The expert advised not to leave the phone under direct sunlight, as the heat causes screen damage and battery inflation, and not to leave the smartphone within the reach of children or pets, and also stressed not to tamper with the basic files of the phone driver without experience, as this may cause damage irreversible damage to the phone.

Source: Vesti

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