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Thirsty Squirel asking for consistanlty for water

In the video, the squirrel gets up on its hind legs and follows a man around, as if begging for water.Since surfacing on Reddit a day ago, it has spread to other social media platforms like Twitter, melting hearts everywhere it goes.

It begins with a squirrel on a road being watched by a man and a girl.As soon as the squirrel spots a water bottle in the man's hands, it gets up on its hind legs and repeatedly gestures at him with her front paws until the man leans down to offer it to her.

It's obvious the squirrel is thirsty, so it puts its tiny mouth to the bottle and begins to drink water - going strong until the whole thing is empty in seconds. The man and girl looked on with amazement, delighted by the interaction.

The squirrel finished the water and scampered away, leaving the two in awe of its intelligence and friendliness.

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