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Turkish centenarian (111 years) survives February earthquake, recovers from pneumonia

Picture from NRT عربية

Turkish centenarian Hatice Dozer (111 years old), who survived the February 2023 earthquake and overcame the disease on many occasions, celebrated her recovery from suffering from pneumonia.

The elderly Dozer lives in the city of Gaziantep. She survived the earthquake that occurred in southern Turkey on February 6, 2023. She was also able in previous years to overcome many diseases, including a brain hemorrhage and a broken hip.

Grandma Hatice was born on July 1, 1913 in the Yauzayli area in Gaziantep. Today, she has 8 children and 36 grandchildren. She suffered a brain hemorrhage when she was 91 years old.

After she suffered a brain hemorrhage, she was transferred to a hospital in Gaziantep state, where she was provided with medical care in intensive care before she recovered.

Grandmother Khadija also recovered after suffering a fracture in her hip bone after falling to the ground while installing curtains in the house. She was 105 years old at the time.

During the earthquake that struck Turkey on February 6, the house in which Grandma Hatice was located collapsed in the Besni area of Adiyaman State (south). Search and rescue teams were able to reach Grandmother Hatice and pull her out from under the rubble about 5 hours after the house collapsed. To return to her children and loved ones after receiving treatment in the intensive care unit in Adiyaman.

On January 28, 2024, Khadija fell ill and was transferred to Medical Point Gaziantep Hospital, where it was found that she was suffering from pneumonia.

After she was transferred from the intensive care unit and her health condition stabilized, the hospital administration, doctors and nurses presented Grandma Khadija with a candy bar with the words “111 years of health and happiness” written on it, in reference to her age.

Akbar Shaheen, chief physician and thoracic surgeon at Medical Point Gaziantep Hospital, says that Grandma Hatice has a flexible and positive personality despite her advanced age.

He added: "We are very happy that she has recovered because pneumonia can negatively affect people of advanced age," noting that Grandma Khadija's response to treatment was very good.

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