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Two children who were missing in a forest in Russia, with their dogs 4 days ago were found alive💖

Source Photo RT-

Search and rescue teams of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, with the help of local residents, found two children who had been missing in the Sverdlovsk region for 4 days, exhausted and without any threat to their lives.

The Russian Ministry of Emergencies account on the Telegram application stated that the 13-year-old child and his 11-year-old sister were sent to a medical center to confirm their health condition after they were lost for 4 days in the forest, noting that they were accompanied by two dogs.

The regional headquarters of the Ministry of Emergencies indicated that the two children were found after they disappeared in the forest in the province last Tuesday with the two dogs accompanying them.

The number of participants in the search operation reached 500 people, within a circle with a radius of about 15 to 20 kilometers. Until the search ended with the missing persons being found by a man who was combing the area with a four-wheel drive vehicle.

It is noteworthy that last Tuesday evening, the boy and his sister went with their 67-year-old grandfather, accompanied by two beagle dogs, fishing in the Lipka River near the village of Burmakina in the Slobodo-Turinsky district of the Sverdlovsk Province.

After they went missing, the research participants spent the night outdoors, and by the next morning, Wednesday, they divided into two groups and headed in different directions.

The grandfather of the two children was able to return in the evening of the same day, but the children and dogs did not return, and their lack of a mobile phone was an obstacle that made the search difficult.

Source: RT - Publication date: 08.06.2024 -


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