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Two patients are saved at the same time by a marvellous coincidence!

In 2019, Frank Pompa received life-altering news, discovering that he had only 10% kidney function. Commencing twice-weekly dialysis became a part of his routine.

His sister, Joely Sanders, faced the disheartening realization that she wasn't a compatible match for a kidney donation.

The Banner Living Kidney Donor Program intervened, offering a ray of hope by connecting Frank with Tracey Gonzalez in Illinois.

In an unexpected twist, Tracey's husband, Tony, also required a kidney.

Against the odds, Joely Sanders miraculously turned out to be a suitable match. The siblings and the couple engaged in a unique kidney exchange, where each pair selflessly donated to the other.

Both families expressed gratitude for the invaluable gifts of freedom and health that resulted from their willingness to share a part of themselves.

"The donor, at the end of the day, doesn't benefit from anything. You know what I mean? But in my eyes, it's like the way she (Joely) feels inside. It's probably priceless," Frank told KGUN.

Source News: January 19, 2024 -


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