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Walking Barefoot? you might want to thank again !🦶

Video clips documenting their owners walking barefoot on the ground have spread on social media platforms, claiming that it is convenient and healthy, while there is debate about the safety of this behavior from a health point of view.

According to the British newspaper "The Times", humans started wearing shoes nearly 40,000 years ago, in an attempt to protect their feet from what could harm them on the ground, whether it was related to insects, germs, or sharp objects.

Shoes were not always within reach of everyone, so they remained the preserve of those who could own them for a long time, while the industrial revolution in the world made it possible to produce larger quantities until one person owned more than one shoe.

Miguel Cunha, a podiatrist who specializes in podiatry, does not recommend walking without wearing shoes, especially in places such as sports clubs and shared showers, especially for long periods.

As for the individual walking barefoot on the carpets or on the sand while relaxing on the beach, that does not involve disturbing risks.

Followers see that those who try to walk barefoot in the street seek to draw attention in order to appear as nice and light-hearted people, but they do not achieve any benefit from the matter.

Among the major risks is that a person who walks barefoot may step on dangerous objects that may injure him, such as pieces of glass or rusty metal.

Even if the wound is very simple, it may be an outlet from which bacteria infiltrate, and then the body becomes vulnerable to diseases and complications.

In bathrooms and swimming pools, a person who walks barefoot may step on a fungus and become infected, which is why experts recommend wearing shoes as soon as you get out of the pool.

Source: "Times" Magazine

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