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Why only Female Mosquitos bite?

Only female mosquitoes bite. This is because they require blood to produce eggs.

Once the female mosquito has had a blood meal, she can produce and deposit her eggs. A female mosquito can produce 30 to 300 eggs. Trusted Source at one time! To lay another set of eggs, she’ll require another blood meal.

Male mosquitoes don’t feed on blood. Instead, they eat nectar and juices produced by plants.

Why Are Mosquitos Attracted to Some People More Than Others? let's go through a variety of factors that can attract mosquitoes to you:

Carbon dioxide

We all emit carbon dioxide when we breathe out. We also produce more when we’re active, such as during exercise.

An increase in carbon dioxide can alert a mosquito that a potential host is nearby. The mosquito will then move toward that area.

Body odor

Mosquitoes are attracted to certain compounds that are present on human skin and in sweat. Several different compounds have been identified as being attractive to mosquitoes. Some that you may be familiar with include lactic acid and ammonia.

Body odor itself is determined by genetics. If you’re related to someone who is often bitten by mosquitoes, you may be more susceptible too.

Heat and water vapor

As a mosquito gets closer to us, it can detect heat and water vapor. This can play a role in whether it decides to bite. One study found that mosquitoes move toward nearby heat sources that are at the desired temperature.


A small 2002 study trusted Source looked at the effects of alcohol consumption on attractiveness to mosquitoes. The researchers found that people who had consumed beer were more attractive to mosquitoes than people who had not.


This may be because pregnant women have a high body temperature and exhale more carbon dioxide.


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