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Without any injury, a ✈ plane made an emergency landing on a road busy with cars in North Carolina

A video clip revealed a highly skilled pilot who was forced to land on a motorway packed with several cars in the United States of America on this week, after an engine failure occurred. The video, taken by the pilot of the moment of landing, showed vehicles driving in front of him and next to him on a highway in Swain County, North Carolina. No one was injured in the incident, according to CNN.

The pilot, Vincent Fraser, said: "I was surprised that the plane's engine suddenly failed, and I considered all the options available, to conclude that landing on the highway was the safest option." He added, "All I had in mind at the time of landing was not to hurt anyone, or kill anyone."

Three days later, the pilot took off from the same highway, after the malfunction was fixed by a specialized engineer.

You can watch the landing video on the story link below

Published on 9-July, 2022 - Source News http + Picture ://


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