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"You inspired me with your tolerant heart", A compassionate invitation from Australian PM

"You inspired me with your tolerant heart." The Australian Prime Minister asked the Lebanese, Danny Abdullah, who lost 3 of his children in a horrific run-over accident in Sydney, to accompany him to Queen Elizabeth's funeral!

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has revealed the names of 10 Australians he was asked by Buckingham Palace to take with him to the Queen's funeral in London. Most of the names on the list consisted of winners of the Australian Person of the Year awards in various categories.

The list mentioned the name of the Lebanese businessman, Danny Abdullah, who lost his three children in a terrible run-over accident in Sydney in 2020, and he is one of the founders of the National Tolerance Day "i4give Day".

Albanese stressed that the names were chosen to reflect a broad spectrum which represents the diversity and plurality of Australian society.

Speaking to SBS Arabi24, Danny Abdullah said he was proud of this surprise call.

"I never expected it. The Prime Minister called me from his private number humbly to invite me to go to the Queen's funeral with him."

He told me, "I wanted to invite ten people close to my heart, you are an inspiring person... You inspired me with your tolerant heart. That is why I would like you to accompany me on this journey."

I told him, "Thank you for the invitation, and I'm honored to accompany you, but give me a little time to call my wife, Leila, to make sure that my family will be fine during my travels."

Danny explained that he sent a text message ten minutes after the call to confirm that he had accepted the Prime Minister's invitation on his private plane next Thursday.

People were chosen by the Prime Minister at the request of Buckingham Palace to celebrate the Queen's life at Westminster Abbey Mass.

"The Australians who have been invited, I think, embody an extraordinary contribution to our nation. We have made sure that all states and territories are represented," Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said while naming the Australians who will accompany him at a news conference on Tuesday.

Albanese described Mr. Dani Abdallah as someone who "turned a tragic loss into an extraordinarily generous contribution".

Danny said he is looking forward to spend some time with the Prime Minister on the 14-hour flight, and that he is very proud to be involved in this historic moment.

During this visit, the Australian Prime Minister is scheduled to meet King Charles III in London, at the weekend, to discuss a possible royal tour of Australia.

He also plans to meet the new British Prime Minister, Liz Terrace.


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