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A benefit of being overweight ?

Excess weight is a big problem that many people suffer from nowadays, as it may lead to diabetes, heart disease and others.

Dr. Vladimir Khavinson, a geriatrician, points out on a television program that in some cases, the extra weight is beneficial for the person.

Khavenson and his colleague, Dr. Tatyana Trofimova, cite the results of scientific studies conducted in the United States, according to which, excess weight helps to resist infection and inflammation. Experiments conducted have shown that people with some extra kilograms overcome infectious diseases better than others, and surprisingly, "Patients who follow a debilitating diet are more likely to contract infectious diseases," Trofimova says.

Javinson added, "It turns out that excess weight has a protective function in the event of the spread of a viral or bacterial infection."

However, The two experts are not promoting extra weight, and they stressed that continuous weight jumps negatively will affect the health status of humans. Therefore, the weight must be kept stable.

Published October 1,2022 -Source: Vesti. Ro


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