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A secret which will be never revealed

A man wins one hundred grand in Las Vegas, and being so paranoid that someone might steal it, he decides to bury it in his backyard.

The next morning he goes to check on it, and finds a huge empty hole with muddy foot prints leading to the house next door, where a deaf and mute professional body builder was staying.

So he asks his neighbor across the street, (who is a sign language teacher), to translate for him.

So with his shotgun in hand he knocks on the door. When the door opens, he cocks the shotgun and jams it in the deaf bodybuilder’s face, he says “tell him to give me my money or I will shoot him dead.”

The ASL teacher translates the message, and the bodybuilder responds in asl saying “I’m sorry, please don’t shoot me! I hid your 100k under the seeds in my bird feeder behind by my pool!!”

The guy with the shotgun asks the teacher, “well what’s he saying??”

The teacher turns to him and replies “he says that you can kill him, he’ll never tell”😉😉😃😃😃

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