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A smarter way to force cars to slow down.. Watch it!

In a move aimed at protecting pedestrians and forcing cars to slow down, Vegamálun GÍH has designed an optical illusion method on an Icelandic street.

The method is an imaginary corridor that at first glance looks real! but in reality this is just a piece of art incredibly well designed to look real, according to "creativebloq".

The design of the pedestrian lane creates an optical illusion that makes drivers think that its white lines are things like boxes in the street, forcing them to slow down.

The company designed the floating lane as part of a scheme to create alternative ways to slow down drivers, as speed bumps have been shown to cause inconvenience to some drivers and increase air pollution as cars have to slow down and speed up.

The video posted to the mashable Twitter account showed that when cars approach the 3D driveway, it appears as if it pops up and creates what looks like an actual barrier that your car can't cross.

However, some users were quick to point out the dangers of this illusion, with one describing it as "distracting" and "confusing", and some others to point out how powerfully it affects drivers if they think they are about to enter a real barrier, which can cause a lot of damage.

Some have even gone so far as to say that the crossing will only slow drivers down the first time because they will then know it's an illusion and they might resume their driving speed.

Source News : - Posted on: Jun 14, 2022: 11:25 AM GST

Is it effective as it was designed for? does it fill the urge to slow down ?

post your comments below.

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