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Amid the tragedies of the war, Chimpanzee is back to the zoo on a bike wearing jacket!

Amid the tragedies of the war in Ukraine, the afflicted country is witnessing some strange events, the latest of which is the return of a female chimpanzee fleeing to a zoo, on the bike of a zookeeper.

In Kharkiv, a chimpanzee escaped from a zoo. It was walking around the city while zoo employees tried to convince it to return. Suddenly it started to rain, and the ape ran to a zoo employee for a jacket and then agreed to return to the zoo.

Shechi had fled from the Feldman Ecopark Zoo, whose animals were evacuated by the authorities to protect them from the constant bombardment of Kharkiv, in a process during which more than 100 animals died, according to the zoo's owner, businessman Oleksandr Feldman.

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