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An engineer from Lebanon introduces a solar-powered car called "Lira".

Hashem Houssami, the Lebanese mechanical engineer, presented an idea that could be a solution for the Lebanese considering their economical situation and high gasoline prices.

During an interview with "An-Nahar" Newspaper, Hashem Hosami explained his project, stating: "This idea emerged from the escalating crises, especially the fuel crisis, and as a mechanical engineer, my job primarily consisted of designing and repairing printing machines, but because of these circumstances, I was forced to manufacture cars. and i came up with the idea of a solar-powered car. In addition, he said, "The first model will be launched at the end of February, and we'll sell it on the market." Our hope is that this project will help Lebanese citizens in their daily lives."

He added, "I want the name of the lira to rise high, so I called it the lira, (Lebanese official currency) to support the Lebanese economy and the national currency." We'll sell it in Lebanese pounds too, so if you want one, you have to exchange your dollar for Lebanese pounds, but I'm sure we'll be able to revive our collapsed currency if we move the wheels. The country needs a new industrial renaissance. We insist on selling and exporting it in the national currency. This will increase the demand for the Lebanese pound, and lead to its decline automatically against the dollar.

According to Hussami, "many neighboring countries require this kind of car, such as Syria, Iraq, or even Libya, because of their oil problems."

How does this car work?

Houssami explains how this car works, saying, "The car uses solar energy, as it has two batteries, and one of the batteries can be recharged through any available electrical outlet, especially during the winter season.

The car has a range of 200 km, and this distance will be enough for four days without charging, if you drive 50 km per day. In parallel, when the weather is sunny, we do not need electric charging, and this is what distinguishes it from other electric cars, and we take into account the continuous power outages in Lebanon, so the car will be able to drive as long as the sun is shining, in addition to that we can use the battery as an energy supply, for homes or shops... and it becomes like an electric field."


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