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"blue monday": the depressing day of the year?

Yesterday on 15-01-2024 is considered the depressing day of the year! based on some formula calculation by a British travel company.

Monday is difficult for many, considering it is the first day of the week at work, school, etc., but “Blue Monday” can be even more miserable.

Blue Monday is the third Monday in January and is widely described as the "depressing day of the year."

This term indicates that cold winter nights, financial pressures, and returning to work after weeks of celebrations make this period miserable and frustrating, along with many other negative feelings.

This year, “Blue Monday” falls on January 15. This concept was coined by psychologist and life coach Cliff Arnall who declared “Blue Monday” to be the depressing day of the year.

The idea was published in a 2005 press release for a now-defunct British travel company, Sky Travel, which claimed to have used a mathematical equation to calculate this date. The original version appears to have been written by Arnall, a teacher at Cardiff University's Center for Lifelong Learning.

It was initially a promotional marketing tool to encourage people to book holidays.

Although there is no scientific evidence to support the “Blue Monday” theory, this day is calculated using a series of factors in a mathematical (not scientific) formula, namely the weather, debt level, the amount of time that has passed since the December celebrations, and low levels of motivation, And the time that has passed since the first failed New Year's resolution, and the feeling of the need to take charge.

However, many academics dismissed the idea as mere "nonsense".

According to Dr Dean Burnett, a lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience at Cardiff University: “There are a lot of reasons why we think the Blue Monday equation is nonsense. Firstly, the equation was not the result of some psychological study conducted by a reputable laboratory, but rather a travel company. , which then looked for a psychologist to put his name on it, to make it seem credible. It brings together things that have no measurable way of bringing them together."

Source: indy100 - RT

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